The Bus(s)y Season

Yeah, it is a little over done to some degree. Buseater. Bussy. Appearing in every YGP film and more or less every kayak movie ever.

Obviously I was there recently, with Cam, and it was pretty damn fun

But. this isn’t just another “Check me out, I am so sick, look at me on Buseater going big!” photo laden article. So bear with as I set some pretext.

I don’t entirely consider myself a hole boater, but I know what I’m better at. I enjoy a waves and holes equally. But I can throw combo’s in a hole, and not so much on a wave, being limited to right side KY’s and that’s about it. I am pretty consistent on small-medium waves, being able to blunt, backstab, flashback, and helix just about on demand both sides. I placed pretty well at World Cup last year at Rock Island which was more of a wave, in the small/medium size. So knowing all that here’s how Buseater went…

I was brutally horrible at it.

Until the end of the session. Then I got a handle on it. (I also blame poor confidence in my still recovering shoulder)

cam pan-am

Big wave surfing is a different ball game. You have to adjust your approach to it, and realize you’re going to be out of control half the time. Moves don’t happen exactly when you want them to, you just have to roll with it sometimes and take advantage of some surging opportunities. The last time I was at Bussy was a few years ago. I don’t count high tension or skook as the same caliber of big wave (they’re big-ish, but you’re in control). It took me a while before I got always being out of control half the time under control.

neal pan-am
The door swings both ways though. Big wave surfing is it’s own little niche of freestyle, different then normal waves in a way. Looking like a hero on big waves is easy, especially with photographs (as demonstrated by the photos in this blog). Throwing big and sticking it on a big wave is pretty tough. But being deadly consistent on a medium wave takes equal skill. So is linking a split-phonics. They all need different skill sets.

So, I have all the respect for the guys who are good a big waves. Unfortunately that  door doesn’t always go both ways. Stereotypically the big wave guys despise hole paddling and small features. Things are changing though.

That all being said, Bussy is still a ton of fun, and if you haven’t, get out there on it because it’s a ton of fun!

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