The Busy Season

So… why hasn’t the blog been updated?

The truth is, we got into our busy season. August is a busy month at Boatwerks. So is July. Any free time we typically manage to scrounge is spent paddling rather then typing up a blog or editing a video update. So, what happened over the last month?

We hit up Ottawa:


Cam going MASSIVE on a clean pan-am 

Finishing up an air screw

We also had our annual anything but a kayak night! This resulted in some minor carnage. Sue from KWP ended up with a sprained ankle, and Maz’s girlfriend had a couple good bruises and a glimpse of whitehorse falls before she swam into the eddy.

The Crew.

Isaac rockin’ the Gator!

Other exciting things:
– Laura D. finally became a play boater.
– Neal’s skirt imploded freewheeling fenelon, resulting in a very embarrassing swim. The funny thing is was Mike was lecturing him before hand on why he should take an overthruster and blew him off.
– Cam learned how to KY. Very angrily.
– Isaac shotgunned a can of cola after eating 8 slices of pizza, after getting off 6 hours on the water. You can imagine how that ended.
– Mike got a throat infection from too much paddling that only 2 people in Canada have ever had before. His remedy was just to paddle more, but wear earplugs so the water didn’t percolate to his throat.

Not to mention everyone improved a hell of a lot this summer.

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