The C-Boating Experience

It came as a shock to myself last fall when I hopped in a C-1 during low water for a little change up and actually enjoyed it a little. I’ve actually done quite well with it so far

I first got in Strano’s LL Vision 56 at the Gull. In typical Boatwerks style, having never done it before, I put in below the falls on the Gull. I also didn’t know how to roll a C-boat either.

It went pretty well, contrary to all expectations.

So later that fall I decided to bring it to the Ottawa for some playboating (the Gull being too low). This also worked out pretty well, I learned to blunt and backstab on side my first day out.

C1 Blunt

I’ve got to stay after being in a C1 I can fully understand its appeal. While it is incredibly unstable and really hard to paddle down river or actually drop in a feature, once your surfing the amount of leverage you have to throw down moves is unreal. My clean blunts in a kayak are inconsistent at best though my flashbacks are dialed. However, as I recently learned, clean blunts in a C1 are wicked easy and flashbacks are about as easy as a flatspin.

I was at Hass over the long weekend and it wasn’t ideal, a little high. I managed to stick some spins, on-side blunts and backstabs, as well as rotate and stay upright (but not stick, it was a difficult little feature) clean left blunts. While these photos might not look stylish I’m pretty stoked on it!

C1 clean bluntC1 clean blunt2

I’m not a prodigy or super star in a kayak by any means. I have to work pretty hard to dial things in and learning new tricks and combos is slow. I still can’t Lunar Orbit (that trick is lame anyway) so because picking up C-1 came pretty easy it leads me to think just about anyone could do it well if they are a reasonable kayaker. It’s a great way to turn a mediocre spot (like Hass) into a lot of fun.

C-1 will never replace kayaking for me. I’m sure some tricks are attainable at the high end like off-side phonics monkeys but I doubt I’ll ever get there. Also most hard-core C-Boaters are a little weird.

I’ve reset my goals with C-1. I’d like to have all the basics on waves and holes dialed by the fall as well as working on advanced tricks. Maybe even take it competing sometime!

So if you see me in a C boat on the river, don’t judge, i’m not really one of them.

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