Top Ten

Things to do at your local spot to keep things fun!


Well, were getting well into summer. The paddling has been great, people here are improving, having a blast, and paddling lots. But what about the days you feel like doing something different? Or want to ad a bit of excitement at the same old paddling spot?We tend to goof around a lot on the river here, so here is our list of Top Ten things to do at your local spot to keep things fun. They are loosely based around whitewater kayaking. Sometimes we do them because we are tired or sore, or just want something ridiculous to do.

1. Light sabre battle a friend with your paddle on the way down a drop.
2. Friendship Falls! Hold hands with your buddy on the way over a big drop. First one to let go loses!
3. Splat and Spin every rock. EVERY rock.
4. Get in an open boat, C1, or SUP. Don’t practice before hand, and run something big.
5. By a cheap inflatible toy and surf it. Giant butterflies, hippos, and mata rays are great. Air matresses work better on waves.
6. Rip and Dip your buddy. This involves ripping his skirt off while surfing, and shoving his bow down into the oncoming water.
7. Party Surf. it takes at least 3 to party, and the more the merrier.
8. Ask your buddy to do a cool roll, and then hold him upside down. Wait until just before he/she swims to let go. They’ll still swim, but you’ll have plausible deniability
9. Sit on shore, drink beer, and heckle. Also called rock squatting. you can even yell “DO SOMETHING!” to your friends and see if they windowshade.
10. Invent new (old) school front surf moves. The paddle spin and rail grab are over done. Try something new, like the joust. Hold your paddle like lance, grab your skirt pull tab, and bounce down the wave like your riding a horse. You can even joust an oncoming paddler.

These are just a few of the shananigans we get up to…. what are yours?

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