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Black River/Hole Bros/Route 3 wave: Watertown, NY

Flow/Level Info:  878 cfs: rising slowly

Gauge and info


The Black is a good river running or park and play class 3-4 river running through downtown Watertown. Watertown is approx. 1 hrs drive south of Kingston. There are several good Park-n-play spots in Watertown, at a range of water levels.
Hole Bros: good at lower/medium levels
Route 3 wave: good at medium levels
Inner City: great at higher (9000+) levels

Flow Information:

Min suggested level: 1000cfs Max suggested level: 6000cfs (Water town to Dexter)
Min suggested level: 2000cfs Max suggested level: 5000cfs (Route 3 Wave)

For full beta, check out the link above.


The Watertown section, and the playspots (Innercity, Hole Bros, Route 3) are paddleable year-round. Below the dam is release-dependant.