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Crowe Bridge

Flow:  1 cms: steady: probably walkable

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Crowe Bridge Map


Crowe Bridge is a Park-and-Play spot, with an amazing set of surf waves that begin forming above 40 cms (10.7 on gauge). There is a small, shallow spinning hole present at levels as low as 8 cms

Flow Information:

Minimum: 8 cms for the lower hole, 40 cms for the bridge waves
Ideal: 100 cms and above are optimal play levels, with 3 distinct features and a flavour for everyone. Between 40 and 100, the play is mellow and mostly limited to surfing for faster (8′ plus) boats. Over 100 is the level that the hole (second feature) gets stellar, and the 3rd wave become steep enough for spud boats to surf.
Max: None. There is great surf there as high as 240 cms


Historically, April is the month for Crowe bridge. It is rare for levels to be really good any later. If it does come up from heavy rain, it doesn’t last long.


Google Map to Crowe Bridge

From Campbellford, follow County Rd #50 north for 10km until you reach 12th Line. Follow 12th Line for 3.6km.

From Havelock, head east on Highway #7, then turn south on Preneveau Rd. Turn east on 12th Line (total distance 16km). From Marmora, head west on Highway #7, then south on Preneveau Rd. Turn east on 12th line (total distance 19km).

From the 401 Belleville, follow Highway #62 until it meets Highway #14. Follow #14 until you reach County Rd 38 in Springbrook (31.5 km total).
Head west on County Rd. 38 for 12.5 km to Crowe River Road. Turn right on Crowe River Rd and follow it for 5km until you reach the park.