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Elora Gorge

Flow:  5 cms: steady

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Paddleable year-round, although it is very low and bony most of the summer.


The put in is at Ross St in Elora at the Tooth of Time Falls, which is runnable at certain levels. Most choose to put in below. Overall the run consists of a number of class II/III (IV in high water) sets with constant moving water between them. Surrounded by 50-70 foot walls makes for a scenic run, but also makes evacuation difficult. The take out is the obvious low bridge in the EGCA.

Flow Summary

Summer Low,

10-40 cms: Not much changes besides the increase of water takes the bump and grind out of the river. Great level for novices, as nothing is burly but there is plenty of water, good lines and lots of eddies.

40-80 cms: Bumps the grade of most sets up a notch as the waves get bigger and the holes get stickier. Some very good surf waves form at this level, in particular one under the high bridge. Eddies start to become sparse. Scouting is difficult at this level as the shoreline has all but disappeared.

80-120 cms: Big water run, with an overall grade hovering in the III-IV. The waves start to resemble those on the Ottawa. A superb wave forms at the bottom of the chute called the Crippler. Watch out for the infamous troll hole downstream from the high bridge.

120+: Everything just keeps getting bigger and faster.