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Ottawa River, Beachburg section

Level:  6.8: steady

Online gauge!!! (Thanks to Shaggy Designs!!!)

Or, check the Ottawa Region Whitewater Paddlers Fbook page for the level


The Ottawa is a world class, big water play river. No other river offers the stellar play spots, warm water, incredibly safe rapids and scenery of the Ottawa. It is also attractive as a big water run, especially in higher spring flows, when rapids can be as impressive as the Grand Canyon. With two paddleable channels and dozens of stellar playspots – although only a few at any one level – the Ottawa always has something to offer.

Flow Information:

There are no minimum or maximum levels for the Ottawa. As the level changes, ideal play and running conditions change from rapid to rapid, and channel to channel. Spring levels can be as high as 26, which flush almost all the features, but give the river a BIG water feel. 8 and above is generally considered a good level for the Middle Channel, although boaters have begun to tap into larger playspots on the Main – Buseater for example – at higher spring levels. From 8 down to 5 is an in-between level with a few decent spots. From 4 down, the big features start to form, with the best main-channel play levels being between 2 – -1. Beta on current playspots is usually best found on the Boater Board.


Form ice-out to freeze up.