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Oxtongue River

Flow: 4.7 cms: dropping fast

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Oxtongue Map


The Oxtongue has two sections; above and below the snowmobile bridge. Above the bridge is easy class 2/3 rapids. Below are two large class 5’s and a long class 3. The difficult rapids are all easily scoutable and portagable. The lower section is usually run in combination with other local runs, or yo-yo style, with multiple runs on each rapid.

Flow Information:

Minimum: 10 cms
Ideal: 15-20
30 cms: very beefy. Hogs trough is a full-on class 5+, Elbow develops river-wide holes.

*If you are familiar with the Gull, then you can draw some comparison. The big rapids on the Oxtongue are similar in width to the section just below the dam on the Gull, but much steeper. 10 cms is plenty of water for that section of the Gull, 25 starts to get quite pushy, anything over 35 creates very pushy water with poorly defined, boily eddies. Check the roadside rapid that is 2.4 km from the West end of “Oxtongue Rapids Rd”. If it looks beefy, and bank-full, the the big rapids will be very meaty.


Usually a spring run, the Oxtongue sometimes comes up in October if there is a drawdown out of Algonquin park.


From the intersection of Hwy 35 & Hwy 60, go East 2Km to “Oxtongue Rapids Rd”. Turn right. The put-in and take-out are accessed from this road. All measurements are from the West end of this road

Upper Put-in: follow “Oxtongue Rapids Rd 3.8 km to where it takes a sharp left. At the turn is a dirt track. Drive as far down that track as you dare and bushwhack down to the river.

Upper take-out/Lower put-in: Follow “Oxtongue Rapids Rd 3.1 km to right turn. Turn right down to snowmobile bridge.

Lower take-out: Follow “Oxtongue Rapids Rd 1.8 km to Hunt camp on right. Park along road and bushwhack to river.