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Flow:  13  cms:  dropping

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Parkhill is a park-and-play spot with a loyal local following. It can rise and drop quickly in response to rain.

Flow Information:

70-90 cms: decent for a day out if you need to go. spinning, cartwheeling, and mild blunting

90-120 cms: not much better, but less rocks. Blunts can go bigger

120-150: Great play wave/hole, pretty much everything is doable if your timing is right, and the concrete is great for taking pictures on

150-180: Spectacular wave/wave hole, more retentive (yet surprisingly friendly) and again pretty much everything can be done.

180-200: I would go as far to say Epic, this is my drop everything and go paddle level. Less of a hole, more of a wave with awesome pile, and that neat little shoulder really sticks out in the middle of the wave for launching off. Everything can be done at this level. gets a little dangerous with the recirc coming off the concrete, not for beginners.

200-220: hit or miss, there are certain levels in here where the wave is attainable and others where you can’t get on at all. I think 215 is one of those windows, also epic if attainable

220 and up: done, nothing to do but wait for it to come down, or go higher so the Mill Waves come up.
Thanks to Geoff (Boydo)


Normally good from April into mid-May, may come up briefly any time of the year